5 ways to boost your mental health

5 ways to boost your mental health

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5 ways to boost your mental health
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By mental health advocate Sabine NLD Bittle

Taking care of our mental health doesn’t just improve the quality of our lives, it can also help protect us from mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. This World Mental Health Day we’re taking a look at why we should all be boosting our mental health … and how we can bring some effective practices into our lives.

Our minds shape our reality, so it makes sense that when we take care of our mental health, we’re touching all spheres of our lives. In good mental health, we’re stronger versions of ourselves, we have so much more of the ‘magic’ it takes to blossom into the people we aspire to be, to step into the lives we’d love to lead, and to bounce back in the face of adversity.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to be filled with a sense of inner peace? To be able to stand tall in the light of your own self-esteem. To think clearly, to feel good, to be resilient. This is a picture of mental health. Here’s what else mental wellness can do for you.

  • Mental health can boost physical health
    We all know by now what stress can do to our bodies. Low energy, high blood pressure, headaches, heart problems, diabetes, and skin conditions are just a few examples of the havoc that stress can cause. Left to run rampant over prolonged periods of time, stress can lead to anxiety and depression. There is a powerful mind-body connection, and we would be wise to look after both.
  • Mental health can nurture healthier relationships
    When we’re not feeling our best, some of us may isolate ourselves, others may lash out at those closest to us, some of us may find ourselves in toxic relationships. It’s not an easy thing to make healthy decisions for ourselves or those around us when we’re
    trapped in feelings of helplessness, worthlessness, fear, anger, loneliness, and insecurity. In good mental health, we can show up for those we love … and more importantly, for ourselves.
  • Mental health can enhance your career and productivity
    Just as a stronger body can run a faster race, a stronger mind can climb a higher ladder. Mental wellness helps us show up for the work, the challenges, the opportunities. It helps us think clearer, sharper, bigger. We can make better decisions with healthier minds, build stronger networks, and dream bigger dreams.

Getting a better idea of why we should all be boosting our mental health? Living in good mental health doesn’t mean there’ll never be any storms, but it can help get you through those storms. It can help you be the best version of you. Here are 5 self-care practices and mental health tools we can bring into our lives.

  1. Move your body
    You know how our mental health affects our physical health? That mind-body connection works the other way too. Exercise helps to relieve stress and lift our moods. It can help us sleep better, boost self-esteem, increase energy, and think clearer. This doesn’t mean you have to join a gym though – you can walk on the beach, hike up a mountain, practice yoga, join a dance class, or do some gardening. Move your body in the way that gives you most joy.
  2. Connect with people
    We are social creatures. Even a smile from a stranger can lift our spirits. And even though tech makes it easier for us to connect on calls and chats and in virtual rooms, our brains still crave real-life, face-to-face time with other humans. Those who can listen without judgement, who make you feel lighter just by being in their presence, who would hold your heart with deep love and respect: those are the people worth having in your life. And they can make the world of difference when you need it most.
  3. Get good sleep
    Don’t think of sleep as some kind of ‘interruption’ from all the fun or the to-do lists. A well-balanced sleep-wake cycle should be a priority in our lives so that our bodies and minds can recharge. From a healthier heart to better moods and a sharper mind, sleep is a wonderful healer. It’s just as important as physical exercise and healthy eating, so create a realistic schedule for yourself and stick to it!
  4. Get good nutrition
    There is so much more to a well-balanced diet than just the reading of the scales. Unhealthy eating can drop blood sugar levels which can make us feel tired, irritable and depressed. More and more, research is showing the link between our food choices and our emotions. So start swapping out the bad for the good and nurture your sense of well-being with a balanced diet rich in fruit, vegetables and nutrients.
  5. Mindfulness at play
    Step into play as much as you can and do things that just feel good. It could be a long drive with your favourite music on full blast, curling up with a good book, playing with your pets, meditating, doodling, drawing, painting, cooking, baking, dancing, singing, praying, journaling, or taking in the most glorious sunsets. Be totally present in these moments and breathe in the gratitude for the blessings that you have in your life.

It’s the little steps that get us there. So take those little steps … and dare to be gentle with yourself!

Sabine NLD Bittle is a mental health advocate, writer, and published ghostwriter obsessed with the story of who we are … and who we could be.

Article reviewed by Dr Steven Joseph, MBBS, MRCGP, MRCP

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