Sexual Health Services

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Sexual Health Services

We offer female and male sexual health examinations. sexual health is a vital component of overall health that encompasses a range of physical, mental, and social factors. Looking after your physical health is important:

Prevention of STIs: Proper sexual health practices, including the use of protection and regular health check-ups, help prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs), which can have serious health consequences if untreated. We offer a comprehensive list of STI testing under our diagnostic tests menu.

Reproductive Health: It ensures that individuals can have a safe and satisfying sexual experience, which is important for reproductive planning and health. This includes access to contraception and safe childbirth practices.

Disease Prevention: Regular sexual health screenings can help in the early detection of conditions like cervical cancer, which is linked to human papillomavirus (HPV) infections.

All female sexual health appointments are booked with Dr Marie who is our GP who looks after women´s health. Dr Gaston looks after male sexual health patients.

Cancellations: please find our cancellation policy under our FAQ´s

Book a Consulation


Female & Male sexual health consultation (€90)
with Dr Marie


PAP Smear & consultation (€150)
All females should have an annual PAP smear


IUD Insertion/removal (€200)
The IUD removal can be done at any time


Menopause care (€120)
Changes in your body in the years around