Ultrasounds & Joint Health

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Ultrasounds & Joint health

An ultrasound scan is a medical imaging technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of internal body structures. This non-invasive diagnostic tool is used to capture real-time images of various organs, joints, and soft tissue.

An ultrasound scan is a safe and painless procedure that does not use ionizing radiation. An ultrasound scan is an invaluable tool for medical professionals to visualize internal structures and diagnose medical conditions, without the need for invasive procedures.

We offer in-house ultrasound scans for:

– Abdomen

– Urological

– Testicular

– Joints

Joint Ultrasound is designed to detect and diagnose joint conditions in patients. The non-invasive procedure uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of the joint, allowing doctors to assess damage or inflammation. This is particularly effective in identifying early signs of osteoarthritis and is most commonly used on the knee, shoulder, ankle, and wrist.

Dr Gaston is our specialist for joint health assessments and scans.

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