About English Doctor Barcelona

English Doctor Barcelona


The Clinic

When you choose English Doctor Barcelona, you will have access to premium yet affordable health care with a personal touch. Our clinic offers a wide range of medical services with an array of specialists at our fingertips. 

As leaders in general medicine, our patients receive top-class primary health care. We can diagnose and treat you, in a fast and effective way, for all common diseases and symptoms. 

Our highly experienced doctors and staff can also help you find solutions for conditions that may require specialized medical intervention. We will take care of any additional formalities and paperwork for you so that you can relax and focus on your health.

We pride ourselves on our professional staff

Our medical specialists are committed to your comfort. Seeking treatment in a country you don’t know can be a challenge. We’ll make you feel right at home and relaxed as you get the care you deserve. Our doctors and reception teams are multilingual speaking Spanish, English, French.

We can treat any condition

A wide range of services equals a wide range of treatments. Whether it’s the common cold or something more serious, our English-speaking doctors in Barcelona can diagnose and treat any condition.

State of the art equipment


English Doctor Barcelona can give you any diagnosis, all thanks to the range of top tier medical technology equipment available in our medical network. From ultrasounds to colonoscopies, come and see us. Depending on the type service, we can provide you with an instant diagnosis or can arrange any tests & scans within 24h – 48hrs.

Our history – founded in 2008


Our clinic was founded in 2008 to serve the English–
speaking community in Barcelona. Since then we have grown from a one-doctor consulting room to a full-service clinic with several GPs, all manner of diagnostic services, and a full support team.