General Practitioner - Family Medicine

A Doctor Trained to Treat You 

The general practitioner, also known as a family doctor, is a professional prepared to provide primary care to patients with any need. This is the first pillar for any health network and is responsible for giving the first presumptive diagnosis and referring the patient if required. 

This professional is trained to recognize and act in case of emergency. In addition, this physician can diagnose and treat almost all the most common pathologies. In fact, general practitioners oversee assisting almost 85% of the population with some health problem. The rest is aimed at specialists or specialized centers (such as large hospitals).

Even so, these doctors will always be the first visit you should attend, and at English Doctor Barcelona we know that. That’s why we have trained staff who can attend the most frequent symptoms and send you to a specialist visit if your symptoms require it. 

What symptoms can a General Practitioner treat?

As we mentioned before, this professional oversees evaluating the most frequent symptoms that can appear in our routine life, but also other rare signs coming from diseases from other places. Within this group of common symptoms are:


Diarrhea is no longer a sure thing when it is prolonged in time or quantity. It will always be a sign of abnormality and you need to consult your general practitioner at the appropriate time. If you notice blood, yellowish or whitish traces in your stools, or if it is accompanied by high fever and severe abdominal pain, do not hesitate to visit your doctor.


Coughing is a classic sign of many lung diseases. From asthma to bacterial pneumonia, all can be accompanied by a cough. However, it is necessary to see a general practitioner whenever this sign appears and is prolonged or accompanied by other symptoms such as fever. This professional will oversee giving you primary care and referring you to a specialist if necessary.


General malaise and fever can occur in almost all diseases. This is a very ambiguous sign that needs medical evaluation, especially if the temperature rises above 102°F. It is necessary for the general practitioner to perform some basic tests such as a blood count, and any others depending on the symptoms that accompany this sign.

Chest pain

This is the classic way our heart alerts us that something is wrong, especially if you are over 40. This is a common emergency that requires primary care from a general practitioner, and a possible referral to a specialist depending on the type of emergency. If you have chest pains, don't hesitate to come in.


Another common cause of consultation with the general practitioner is vomiting, a classic sign that something is wrong with our body, especially in the digestive system. Depending on the type of vomiting and accompanying symptoms, the diagnosis will vary. However, fluid replacement and some tests are necessary to ensure that you are well.

Abdominal pain

This symptom is common in various diseases. It can be caused by simple diarrhea or be the manifestation of a pathology that requires surgery, such as appendicitis. Whatever the case, if the abdominal pain becomes intense, is prolonged or is accompanied by other symptoms, it is better to visit the doctor to clear up any doubts. 


When bleeding is not caused by trauma, it is a major warning sign. Many people, especially older adults, can suffer from random bleeding. In addition, nosebleed is a classic sign that requires attention, especially if it is accompanied by severe trauma in that area. It is necessary for the general practitioner to give you a referral to another specialist if necessary.

Muscle or Joint Pain

Depending on which muscles or joints are affected, and on your lifestyle, we can arrive at a quick and efficient diagnosis to indicate a treatment that not only relieves the pain, but also reduces the recurrence of this sign. There are many possible causes and it can be related to frequent events or traumas, or to chronic pathologies such as arthritis. The General Practitioner is trained to distinguish between these diseases and treat or refer you to the doctor you need.

Loss of Consciousness

Depending on the age and associated diseases of the patient, loss of consciousness can be a serious symptom. However, whatever the case, this sign requires immediate medical attention. The general practitioner is the first approach to the patient in these cases, and several laboratory tests are necessary to determine the cause behind the finding. 

English Doctor Barcelona - Caring just for YOU

At English Doctor Barcelona we understand the need for a quality English speaking doctor who can understand and respond to your symptoms. We are a specialized health center, so we have professional staff trained to understand and treat you properly, no matter what the emergency is. 

In addition, we put aside all the process and necessary paperwork and focus on you. You don't need to worry about the possible limitations imposed by the Spanish government, we think about you and everything is cared for. 

Finally, if you need any laboratory tests or an outpatient consultation with a specialist (such as a cardiologist, for example), we will tell you where to go. Our priority is not only the satisfaction of our patients, but also their well-being. At English Doctor Barcelona we are here for you, and for you. If you have any symptoms, do not hesitate to visit us.