If there is a chance you are experiencing disorders of the heart or circulatory system, you may be referred to a cardiology doctor. You should see a cardiologist if you are at high risk for heart failure, heart attacks or arrythmia. Your risk is increased if you have a family history of heart or circulatory disorders, have a poor diet or poor circulation. 

Common reasons to see a cardiology doctor: 

· Coronary artery disease (heart disease) 

· Heart arrythmias 

· Valve problems 

· Heart attack 

Common symptoms include: 

· Heart pain 

· Your heart beats too slow, fast or irregular

· Severe chest tightness or chest pain 

· Pain that spreads to the neck, shoulders, arms or jaw 

· Weakness, dizziness or fainting 

Our English-speaking doctors will always make sure you are taken care of when you need heart care. We have an abundance of health knowledge and experience to solve many health issues. Moreover, our specialty is you, making sure you are very well cared for. They will assess you by performing various tests, such as checking your blood pressure, performing a physical exam and/or stress test, as well as checking your heart and lungs. Other tests that can be performed are recording the electrical activity of your heart or performing an ultrasound. When you need specialty care for your heart, our doctors will make you feel safe – they have been caring for the city for years.