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Test Before Sex
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Test Before Sex. You’re Welcome.

Guys, this isn’t the ‘70s. We’re sure we don’t need to tell you that having unprotected sex isn’t smart. But the fact that we have to write this article on safe sex tells us that plenty of people still needs to hear it. We’re sure you’re wiser – but just to be safe, let’s talk more about how you can stay safe as a sexually active beast.

And no, condoms aren’t (and never have been) enough.

Test Before You Have Sex

Even if you wear a condom while having sex, you’ll never be able to fully relax. The sad reality is that people just aren’t getting tested before they go to bed with a new partner. We’ve heard countless horror stories of people falling head over heels for an attractive, fifty-shades-of-grey kind of bloke, only to walk away with more than the memory of good sex.

No one wants to go home with an incurable (or quite difficult one) STD that serves as an eternal reminder of that one-night stand in Rome.

What if the condom breaks during unprotected sex? What if your partner has an incurable STD, and they infect you? If you both get tested first, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is pregnancy (but that’s a topic for another day – #contraception, folks).

The fact is that there is absolutely no way of knowing if someone has an STD until the condom breaks and they share their virus with you. No one deserves to go through that. So, be smart – get tested before you get hot and heavy.

Getting a test before you have sex might be a pain, but trust us. Dealing with an STD is worse. As we write this, viruses like herpeshepatitis Bpapillomavirus, and HIV have no cure. The problem is that a virus-like HIV integrates into the immune system itself, and that’s why even the world’s best scientists and researchers are yet to find a cure.

Anyone with a head on their shoulders will see that it’s much less of a pain to get a quick test before unprotected sex. Sex is a lot more fun when you know that both you and your partner have no nasty pathogens lingering that could put your life at risk. Test before you have sex guys – we cannot reiterate this enough.

Even if you’ll only be hooking up with someone for a one-off bit of fun, GET TESTED. If they are carrying an STD, you can enjoy your time together and never see them again – without carrying their STDs with you.

When approached with caution, sex CAN be safe AND fun. We hope this article on safe sex opens your eyes. Get your STD-Free Passport. Test before sex. Travel the world and have fun, folks.

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