Sexual Health

Sexual health is a medical specialty regarding healthy sexual relationships, freedom of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Specialists focus on improving the sexual health of the community through research, education, screening of the population. If you have any questions or concerns regarding healthy sexual relations, you may wish to speak with an expert. 

Common reasons to seek advice: 

· Sexual activity 

· Sexual assault 

· Sexual dysfunction 

· Prevention of unplanned pregnancy and STI’s 

· HIV exposure risk

Common symptoms include: 

· Interest in healthy and safe sex 

· Discomfort during sexual relations, such as after sexual assault 

· Disinterest in sex 

When you need to know where to find a sexual health specialist; you can expect the care you want at our healthcare center. No matter what you’re going through, our doctors are caring and non-judgmental. You will feel like you’re in a safe environment and can open up freely.