Online Medical Consultations

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Online Medical Consultations

If you cannot get to our clinic, we offer an online GP consultation with any of our doctors.

Once you have paid for the consultation, the reception staff will send you a consent form if this is your first time. We have a strict no consent, no consultation policy. Once the consent has been signed, you will receive a zoom link.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all illnesses can be diagnosed through a Zoom call. If you have specific injuries or symptoms that require a physical examination, then a Zoom Call consultation will not be the right approach for you. If in doubt, feel free to text the Reception staff to check if you should book an in-person or Zoom call with one of our GPs.

Please note: for children under the age of 2 (Paediatrics), please go to our option for Child Care consultations.

Cancellations: please find our cancellation policy under our FAQ´s


Book a Consultation with Any doctor (€70)


Book a Consultation with Dr Joseph (€70)


Book a Consultation with Dr Marie (€70)


Book a Consultation with Dr Claudia (€70)


Book a Consultation with Dr Gaston (€70)

Mental health consultations online

Dr Steven Joseph (MBBS, MRCGP, MRCPsych) is our in-house Psychiatrist who has a great deal of international experience working within the mental health field. An assessment will allow him to gauge what your challenges are and he can then formulate the appropriate treatment plan for you, be it medication, therapy or a combination of both.

If you feel you cannot see us in person, Dr Steven offers online mental health consultations. These may be suitable for patients who experience problems in their relationships, at school or work, or who suffer from depression, anxiety, sleep problems, addictions or self-esteem issues which can be discussed remotely. We recommend arranging your first appointment in person and then continue online.


Book an Online Consultation with Dr Joseph (€120)