An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a test that uses radio waves and powerful magnets to take pictures inside your body. The images will show up on a computer screen for the technician to view and assess. Unlike an X-ray, MRI’s do not use radiation. These tests diagnose many diseases and injuries. They are also good for checkups after treatments. Patients will need an MRI for conditions in relation to the head, spine, heart, blood vessels, bones, joints, and breasts.

Common Reasons for Needing an MRI:

  • Detecting head injuries, joint abnormalities or abnormalities of the spine
  • Diagnosis of bone infections
  • Checking for cancer in the spine or brain
  • Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis


Get your MRI scan at English Doctor Barcelona

When performing an MRI you must remove jewelry, dentures, watches, hair pins and anything containing metal. Patients must dress into a gown and lay down on a table. The table will then move into a tube, which creates the magnetic waves around you to scan your body. The MRI can last up to 15 minutes to an hour in some cases and you must stay still. This is a painless procedure. We will make sure you feel completely comfortable. The images from your scan are analyzed and reported back to your doctor.