The study of a woman’s reproductive health is referred to as gynecology. Visiting a gynecologist is recommended if you notice any pelvic, vulva, uterus or vaginal pain. Even if you are feeling healthy, you should get regular checkups for preventative measures. 

Common reasons to see a gynecologist: 

· Issues related to pregnancy, menopause or fertility 

· Polycystic ovarian syndrome 

· Cancer of the breasts or reproductive system 

· Endometriosis 

· Breast cancer 

· Sexual dysfunction 

· Sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) 

Common symptoms include: 

· Lump or mass in the breast, nipple pain, nipple discharge, swelling of breast 

· Irregular periods, difficulty getting pregnant 

· Painful periods, pelvic pain, excessive bleeding 

· Lack of interest in sex, painful intercourse 

· Vaginal itching, blisters, burning sensation when urinating, unusual discharge 

Our doctors know that dealing with reproductive health can be a personal topic for some women. That’s why it’s so important to find medical services you can trust. When you need an English-speaking doctor in Barcelona, you can expect the care you want. The gynecologist will discuss your medical history and perform tests to check your reproductive health, keeping an eye out for any abnormalities. Regardless of the reason for your visit, it’s our goal to make you feel comfortable and safe at all times.