A gastroscopy is an examination of the stomach. It detects problems like ulcers or gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining). We recommend the test if you experience frequent heartburn, stomach pain, or difficulty swallowing. Constant nausea, excessive weight loss or suspected stomach and esophagus cancer requires examination. It's also for preventative measures and post-surgery check ups in relation to the stomach.

Common Reasons for Needing a Gastroscopy:

  • Experiencing frequent heartburn, nausea or stomach pain
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Abnormal weight loss
  • Detecting diseases like stomach or esophagus cancer


Feeling Constant Stomach Pain?

Do you need a reputable doctor for a gastroscopy or are you experiencing any of the above symptoms? If so, contact us and make a trip to our family oriented medical center to get checked out. You will usually be sedated for the procedure. You then swallow a small camera that shows inside your upper digestive tract. Your physician will then be able to check for abnormalities in your stomach. Whether you’re visiting or living in Barcelona, our stomach doctors specialize in keeping you well.