Family Medicine

Family medicine is the practice of providing medical care either for families or just an individual. Family physicians will work with people from all ages and genders. They play a crucial role in assessing and diagnosing most conditions and diseases for every area of the body overall. 

Common reasons to see a family physician: 

· Physical checkup 

· Joint disorders or injuries 

· Headaches and migraines 

· Upper respiratory conditions 

· Diabetes 

· Anxiety, depression or other disorders 

Common symptoms include: 

· Swelling, pain or limited ability to move joints 

· Persistent headaches or migraines that don’t go away 

· Sore throat, inflamed tonsils, earache, runny or blocked nose 

· Fatigue, unexplained weight loss, increased thirst 

· Difficulty concentrating, irritability or persistent feelings of sadness 

Our family physicians at English Doctor Barcelona are warm and personable with each individual that they meet with. No matter what your background is, we welcome you. Our doctors will work with you to determine the problem and take a proactive approach to treating it. Whether you need short-term or long-term attention, you will be well cared for here.